How it Started

Quick Background and Context

I don't ever want to look back and say I didn't live the life I wanted for any reason. I believe fully in my ongoing quest to live authentically, fearlessly and boldly without apology. 

When I was laid off last fall, it was time for some real reflection on next steps. When I thought of sitting in my house in Wisconsin day after day, I asked myself whether that seemed the best environment for that reflection. It wasn't. I've always wanted to travel the country. There are so many unique and beautiful places in America. We have one of the most diverse and awe-inspiring countries in the world (and I've seen some of the world). 

So, now, I'm wrapping up five months on the road exploring more than 70 cities while living in an RV trailer that I bought when I sold my house. That trip has been everything I could have hoped, but always in the back of my mind, I was planning something else. 

For the last eight months, I've been planning and researching how to successfully travel from the Missouri river headwaters in Three Forks, MT all the way down to the Mississippi outlet in the Gulf of Mexico. As I grew more confident that this was actually going to happen, and started sharing with other folks, many people asked how they could follow my journey. I don't think I can do the epic scenery and life-changing experiences justice, but this blog is at least an attempt.