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Atchafalaya Done

Last night was the last night camping, and today is the last day paddling the Atchafalaya river.

The river is up again, supposed to come up another 6 feet in the next two days. Makes for a lot of debris and fast paddling. I'm holding at around 4.5 mph even without paddling.

I thought I'd be uncomfortable out here, but as with anything, each experience and each day out here made me more and more at ease with the environment. It's really peaceful and pretty, even in winter.

Today, I'll swing off the Atchafalaya River and paddle down the Yellow Bayou.

Dad is going jump in and we'll take the exit canal from Yellow Bayou to Calumet/Wax Lake.

Excited that my brother is flying in from Chicago to paddle the last leg with me, too. We're going to kill a few days checking out New Orleans while waiting for his flight.

We'll finish the final paddle down Hog Bayou to the Gulf on Tuesday 1/18 weather permitting. Should finish by late afternoon if anyone in the area wants to join!

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