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Atchafalaya Kickoff

Laying here tonight thinking about the day. The neighbors across the river are playing a mix of old country, bluegrass and straight up cajun jams. The fact that I can hear it tells me how much smaller the river just got.

Today, I had 6 miles left on the Mississippi and 6 miles from the Old River lock to camp.

I don't think think the mighty Mississippi wanted me to miss it. Today's 20 mph headwind/crosswind made for a slow 6 miles and reminded me of all the struggles on this river.

Going through the lock was very interesting, and uneventful.

Headwind with a current or no current at all?🤷‍♀️ Coming out of the lock, I actually had a very intermittent tailwind, but there is no current in the Old River channel. Took about 3 hours at 2 mph to get to camp.

Everyone says the Atchafalaya moves fast. I could feel it pull me forward as I rounded the corner. This last leg appears to be going very quickly already.

All I can say is bring on the gators! (Literally every log looks like a gator).

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