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So many folks have shared with me that they miss the posts, miss getting updates and following the journey. Me too! There is something about the anticipation and satisfaction of sharing the day's progress along this journey that drew me in. I can't say thank you enough for following along. Sharing was one of those unexpected joys. I have been slow about posting these, but for those unable to join the live video the day we finished, here are the two videos we captured of the moments. So happy to have Dad and Matt, my brother, join me for the last couple days paddling and for Mom being able to join as well. Such a special memory that I'll treasure forever!

I wanted to share just a bit from our local celebration. There were friends and family from so many different parts of my life that were able to be there, and I so appreciated seeing them and the many memories they brought along.

From following along, to encouragement, to actively supporting along the river, I can't say thank you enough or express how much I appreciate all of it and all of you. For those who gave to the Reel Warriors Foundation, I wanted to pass along their heartfelt thank you as well. This adventure and those that gave in its name raised over $5,000 that I've learned will go to support the first all-women veteran's fishing charter this summer. For anyone interested in learning more or following along:

Reel Warriors Foundation | Giving Veterans a Break from Everyday Life

In the days since finishing the expedition, I've also missed the daily routine a bit. The simple plan to pack up and paddle as far as I can, meet any unexpected challenges along the way, and drink in God's beauty in the outdoors still has a lot of appeal. As I've mentioned though, I am excited about the next chapter, whatever that looks like.

I did share a sneak peek at a couple big parts of that next chapter in person at the celebration get-together, so will share those here for the group as well:

  1. I've had a long-time dream of offering kids an opportunity to develop leadership and critical-thinking skills in an outdoor adventure forum.

  2. I'm diligently working to capture all of the epic awesomeness of this journey and pull it together into a book for those interested in hearing the rest of the story.

I will share updates on both of these as requested here and on Facebook.

More to come and happy 2022!

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