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Greenville , MS

What a morale boost getting supplies in Rosedale. A little warmer and a little drier and a great Christmas forecast. After a couple very poor, storm-induced choices, I've had some better campsites along the way, too.

Finally made it to Greenville and blessed to meet more great people along the way! This friendly local beaver welcomed us personally.

Hank never fails to entertain...himself. Early in the trip, I was calling him the bone collector because he dug up bones at every camp. Now it's balls. Soccer, volleyball, football, but mostly he loves tennis balls.

The Mississippi is huge and the thought of getting out there in a canoe is intimidating, but taken in small chunks one step at a time, I'm discovering it's manageable. Everything is more manageable when the weather warms up.

At least there is plenty of driftwood.

Next stop, Vicksburg!

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