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Hello, Mississippi

The other day I made it through Memphis, in 141 days. The next day, I left a perfectly good campground with electricity only to find that the river was too dangerous with the strong winds. Pulled over to hunker down for the coming storm and found my only option was a slippery mud pit.

Made the best of it and the tarps held through the storm. Thankfully, I didn't have to experience a tornado outdoors, but thinking of so many who were in the path. Sounded like a very destructive string of tornados... at a sort of odd time of year. Stuck in the mud pit for two nights.

I had to get out of the mud pit, so set out hoping for a modest 10 miles or so...I got 5. Need to finally learn to give up control or I'm going to keep getting these lessons! The rain and debris caught up to us this morning, but at least we got moving. Made it to the Fitz in Tunica, MS! Hot shower, Fuddrucker's, and above 30 degrees. Can't complain.

Side note, just a quick view of a cool app that let's me know where the ships are and where they're headed. Makes some things easier.

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