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Hello, Missouri!

Matt, this one's for you.

Population of spiders tripled, snapping turtles, inch worms, daddy long legs, poison ivy, undergrowth you can't see through much less walk through...must be back in Missouri.

Yep, two days ago, I woke up to a beautiful morning in my home state of Missouri.

It's a great feeling, but a little weird...wasn't sure this day would come. A couple days of sun, wind, rain and solid camp spots.

Today, the wind was rough. Okay, anybody tired of hearing me talk about wind? Me Too. In my 930th hour of thinking alone on the river, it occurred to me that I don't think I'll never take the wind or weather for granted again. Imagine every activity every single day being dictated or affected by it. You can't get away, and you can only fight it so hard.

Anyway, today is the worst wind day since the reservoirs so far. Twenty two miles per hour in your face, the waves are rolling against the current. We're just drifting as far as we can at a leisurely 2.2 mph. Hey, it's still forward progress.

Found a great place to wait out the worst of it at Wild Bill's in Rulo, NE, and got a cheeseburger!

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