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Hello, winter.

Today is my Dad's birthday, and I wish I could be with him to celebrate. But wrapping up the day with a little Louisiana Man by Charley Pride, I can't help but count so many blessings here on the river.

After a few tough lessons learned and acclimating a bit to the cold, I feel like I'm finally getting in the groove of the Mississippi.

The weather outlook remains very wintery. Tonight it is getting down to 25 degrees, and I've had some good luck with my campsite.

I have the rare joy of being protected from wind on 3 sides by huge fallen trees. I think the tug boat captains are curious...

This morning, on our last walk before jumping in the canoe, I found a very large piece of Mylar bubble wrap type insulation; think cold or hot pack lining. Put that little luxury under the tent tonight hoping it helps ward off the cold even more.

Finally tried the rudder again and with a couple adjustments, it's clunky, but I think it helps.

Made it through Chester, Il yesterday and on past Tower Rock on the Missouri side today to come within striking distance of Cape Girardeau. Tail winds both days with temps topping out under 50 degrees.

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