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Holding Pattern

Well, that's what I get for complaining😁. Stuck for wind again today. We napped, explored the island, and I cleaned best friend #2.

One thing I get asked, but probably haven't talked about as much is how I pick camp sites. I researched a lot of possibilities before the trip ever started. My plan was to camp on the riverbank for 80-90% of the trip and that's what I've done. But the unexpected always happens; the river changes, people build, landscapes change. So, I continue to scout a day or two ahead with satellite images.

But these can be 6 months old, so visual vetting is the end all factor. A couple of near perfect sites from the last week; flat, dry, sandy, good access, no apparent existing tenants. Of course, the wind and rain factor in, too.

For example, tonight's camp is a little different. I knew there were potential storms ahead and the wind wasn't letting up. I like having trees to help reinforce the tarps in storms, but this is a little hairy even for me...just ran out of time yesterday.

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