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Krotz Springs to Whiskey Bay

As it turns out, there are scarier things out here than gators. I found the 1st tick in 4 months on Hank and the poison ivy is back!

Yesterday was a beautiful day to paddle and sail.

Even had a little company along the way, River otter or muskrat?

It's tough to fully convey the depth of stillness when the wind dies down.

During these last few days there is no pressure, but peace. No rush. The miles come easy out here in the bayou.

The landscape has shifted to cypress swamps, muddy banks, and consequently, fewer camping options.

Yesterday, as I paddled past my previously scouted campsite, I wondered if I might regret the decision. What had looked like a long sandbar on satellite had grown into a grassy marsh with a standing pool of water behind it.

This time, the risk paid off and I was rewarded with a sandy bank up off the river in a stand of willows and awesome sky at sunset as I cooked my dinner.

It's exciting, but surreal to think about this being my last few days out here. I will miss this. But it's time; it's not getting any warmer, and my gear is giving out😅

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