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Lewis and Clark Lake

**Catch up post from 9/27-9/28**

Followed the Nebraska/SD border uneventfully with great current for a little over 30 miles before it gets very marshy and a little confusing around the Niobrara confluence.

First decision, I chose wrong. Ended up in the delta of the Niobrara dragging the canoe upstream for more than a mile until I could get back over to the Missouri before the bridge. Hank and I both smelled like marsh mud and goose poop.

Second decision, I chose wrong. Took a left a little too early after the bridge which took me on a 5 mile journey twisting and turning through more marsh for hours until I was worried about it getting dark.

Paddling feverishly, I made it to Sand Creek past Springfield just after sunset...perfect for quality time with the mosquitoes. Adrenaline from the day though kept me awake until well after midnight. I thought we were through the hard part.

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