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Made it to Memphis!

It was a very cold start yesterday, but warmed up quickly. I finally saw another river otter who swam around the canoe until some barges ran him off. Haven't seen as much wildlife since joining on the Mississippi; assuming that's because of the traffic among other things.

The last several days have been pretty good mileage-wise. 25+ miles every day. Not setting any speed records, but feels good to be making better progress.

After Tiptonville, made it back to Missouri for a last night south of Caruthersville where it was brutally apparent that winter has caught up.

We just keep on keeping on, focused on getting south. The cold isn't fun, but I do think my body has acclimated a bit. After Caruthersville, met up with fellow veteran and paddler, Rose Shirley and Delilah. We paddled and the pups played. Fast friends!

Weathered a nasty storm outside Blytheville, AR.

The pups accidentally tipped my water jug over in play, the valve got knocked open and 7 gallons watered the sandy slopes. So, my next unexpected stop was to meet two nice ladies, Kenna and Sandy, at Viserion in Osceola, AR for a fill up and a nice visit.

I was nervous about Memphis, but it wasn't nearly as intense as St. Louis. Camped last night in West Memphis at an RV Park along the river. Got a few funny looks, but it's worth it to get all charged up⚡😁

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