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A short day of sailing brought me to Melville, LA yesterday.

What a warm welcome! I missed meeting Danny Majors, but new friend and fellow veteran, Cleve, and I had a ball sharing stories and killing beers😀

I have loved Louisiana every time I've visited and this is no exception. One of the warmest, most authentic places I've experienced.

Not to mention the incomparable cuisine!

I'd love to stay longer, but the finish is so close, we'll be on the move today with another chilly north wind.

Quick note here since I know there are new members still joining; throughout the journey people have asked how they can help. This is not an expectation, but for those desiring to give, I have shared two fantastic organizations focused on bringing veterans together and helping communities. I believe these can do more good with money gifts:

Reel Warriors Foundation Team Rubicon

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