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Mission Accomplished!

Tuesday, at approximately 6:15 am CT, my phone was recovered after being missing for almost 12 hours. Worried about lost pics, journal, and navigation and communication tools, we were up until midnight searching...turns out, I had set it on the tailgate while prepping for the last paddle day.

I think the stress of this trip was finally getting to me🤦‍♀️. So, we all got up and kicked off the last day very tired.

I'm so blessed by my family and their support and interest in the crazy things I do. Sharing the challenges, triumphs, and eventual completion of this journey with them and all of you means so much.

The weather cooperated and we had good temps, light winds, and calm seas.

Matt even pulled out the umbrellas to catch a little wind when we could.

Turning off to Hog Bayou, we shifted from a straight canal to a winding path a fraction the size of the canal.

It was crawling with nutria, comfortably soaking up the sun with most of the gators sleeping.

We were surprised by this one big gator sunning. I think he was equally surprised. We both followed Matt's instructions in the video.

I understand that fellow adventurer and paddler, Ellen 'Magellan' Falterman is also an instructor pilot. So cool that she found us for a fly by and wing waggle as we finished!

At the end of 20 miles, we pulled out into the Gulf of Mexico with little difficulty.

Having expected tides, tough winds or breaking waves, this was a fun and pleasant surprise.

It is with mixed emotions that I hang up the paddle for a while.

There is joy, relief, excitement, pride in a mission completed, and an awareness that I won't ever be the same person.

Also, a small sense of sadness that I'm leaving behind a lifestyle that I love and have grown quite comfortable living.

I'm excited for the next chapter though.

Thank you to all of you for the prayers, help, support, and company along the way. Until the next adventure!

**For anyone interested, we are having a celebration get together on Jan 29th, from 1-4 pm CT, at Lindwedel's wintery in Branson, MO. Reach out or watch Facebook for additional details.**

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