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Moving on from the Mississippi

**Catch up post from 1/7**

Did you ever have that friend that tries to help in your kitchen, but you have to redo everything? That was the wind yesterday. It was out of the NW, so on the surface, it seems nice, like it'll be a good tailwind. What I've learned is that no wind over 15 mph is a good wind.

Yesterday started at 50 degrees, but got cold quickly. The waves and wind didn't let us stay out too long, got 16 miles. I'd include another video, but it's sort of like groundhog day.

By contrast, today started out at a balmy 33 degrees with a very light tailwind. It was perfect. It wasn't long before the sun came out and I had sailed 20 miles by lunch.

My camp two nights ago was on a beaver super highway. Counted 8 different dens with clearly traveled paths to the river.

Last night, it was coyotes. Scared up two from the river before we even landed and Hank took a rare spill into the river barking at them.

Total was 36 miles yesterday and I made it past the three spillways right before the Old River turnoff.

Last night was the last night on the Mississippi river.

Today, I'll navigate my first and only lock that will release me to the Atchafalaya. For those who don't know, the locks raise or lower boats to the next waterway. You paddle into the big cement box, the water goes up or down, and you paddle out into the next river...hopefully safely. Looking forward to something new!

Just a little over 100 miles to go to the Gulf!

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