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On the Road Again

Sad to leave Laura and Vicksburg, but need to finish this mission.

Today was NOT a pretty day to paddle or sail, but progress was made. There was wind, rain, sleet, and snow, but made 20 miles today, 54 to go to Natchez.

After a lot of thought and reflection on my goal and the journey, I've decided to adjust my original plan to take a more scenic route down the Atchafalaya River to the Gulf.

The original path of the Mississippi river to the Gulf, the Atchafalaya split from today's Mississippi a thousand years ago (give or take). Man reinforced the split with lock and dam, spillways, dykes and levies. But both carry Missouri river waters to the Gulf of Mexico.

While I think it would be fascinating to see Baton Rouge and New Orleans from the river, they cannot compare with the scenery on the Atchafalaya. I originally steered clear of this route because gator-bait is tagging along. I've since learned a little more about the route and about gators and I think I'll take a gator over the traffic in the gauntlet any day of the week. Cheers to the final two weeks!

But first, survive the snow and explore Natchez.

Reel Warriors Foundation Team Rubicon

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