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Down to one week!!!!

Fog was thick off and on all day. Might have picked a better place to tie off in Simmesport. 😄

I planned for 20 miles a day, not knowing what to expect after the Mississippi. Even with a stiff headwind, thick fog, a leisurely walk in Simmesport, and a knock down drag out thunderstorm (see avacado point above), I got 24 miles today.

There are still funny whirlpools, but the Atchafalaya is so much narrower, the effect of the wind and minimal barge traffic have little effect against her strong current. Massive storm cells bringing lighting, downpour, and high winds though? That stopped me dead in my puddle.

You might say that doesn't look so bad if you're following the trip, I've been through worse. True, but right after this video, I had to put away the phone because the deluge came. Rain blew sideways, up, and down. The canoe was filling faster than I could sponge it out. Lasted about 45 min. The guys at the Bunge Corporation across the way must have thought I was crazy, tired up to a log with lightning striking all around us.

Thing is, the river is the lowest point, so not sure how I might have otherwise avoided lightning. Anyway, once it was done, it was done. So glad it was 70 degrees and not 40, but no rainbow.

Tomorrow, I am really looking forward to Melville, some great food, company, and a hot shower before the final few days of this epic journey.

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