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St. Louis

Holy cow! Yesterday was one of the most intense, nerve-wracking things I've done. Very cool to paddle by the Gateway Arch. Such a different perspective of the icon we knew growing up.

Shortly though, the wind kicked up really strongly out of the South making it difficult to paddle against the large waves.

On top of the wind, I entered the Port of St. Louis. Normally, barges are no problem. You know they will be in the channel, so even with multiples, it is easy to stay out of the way.

In the Port though, there are multiple businesses with many barges coming and going from docks up, down and across the river. Even with scanning the marine radio, which helped immensely, it was very difficult to know where they were all going.

At the end of the day, we made it safely, both Hank and I very sore and tired. Looking forward to a calmer day today!

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